Excerpt from Introduction of this document. . .
The provisions for special inspections are intended to provide a higher degree of scrutiny for aspects of construction that, upon failure, would cause significant harm. These aspects of construction include soil suitability analysis, fabrication and installation of structural steel members, certain concrete and masonry construction, fabrication and installation of wood structural elements, pile and pier foundations, sprayed fire-resistant materials, wall panels and veneer systems, EIFS, special cases and smoke control systems as detailed in the International Building Code (IBC).
The IBC as adopted by reference through the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (USBC) intends that an experienced expert be in responsible charge of the inspection of these special types of construction.
The Hampton Roads building safety community has joined together in agreement that implements a uniform procedure for the manner in which jurisdictions enforce the special inspection requirements of the USBC and the IBC. This includes the standard for experience and qualifications necessary to adequately control the work being performed, duties of the special inspector, reporting requirements, as well as oversight by each jurisdiction. It specifies the type and manner of work and how it is to be performed and any supervision required. It also clarifies the requirements for reporting the results and record keeping.
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