Bikeways & Trails

Virginia Beach bikeways and trails system serves equally important functions as part of the transportation and recreational system network. These bikeways and trails also contribute to our City as being named a Bicycle Friendly Community at the Bronze Level by the League of American Bicyclists. ​ ​​​

​​Bikeways & Trails Classifications

​​​​​​​​​Moms and strollers walkingThe City currently has over 100 miles of trails. These trails are classified into four facility types:
  • On-road bike routes
  • Shared use asphalt p​aths
  • Soft trails within parks
  • Widened concrete sidewalks

Explore City Park Trails

We have several beautiful trails for you and your entire family to enjoy and explore. Our city park system provides a refuge from everyday stress where you can get out and experience fresh air and sunshine.​

Discover New Parks with the free VB ParkFinder Mobile App!

ParkFinder screen shot VB ParkFinder allows you to search for parks and facilities by name, proximity ​and specific features like playgrounds, ball fields, kayak launches and more. At home or on the go, you can find the nearest park, get driving directions, view hours and see available amenities. The app even allows you to share your park visit with family and friends on Facebook and Twitter. And be sure to check out the built-in event calendar!

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​Know Where to Ride

Federal and State laws say that bicycles are vehicles with the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicles. Bikes may be ridden on roadways except where prohibited, such as I-264 and other highways. If you ride on roads, exercise defensive driving skills and common courtesy.

​City ordinance allows bicycles to be ridden on any City sidewalk, except at Town Center and at the Oceanfront Resort Area.

Know How to Ride​

Riding safely makes biking better for everybody – even people who aren’t riding.
  • On roads, obey all traffic laws.
  • Virginia state law: it’s OK to ride two abreast except when impeding traffic.
  • On roads, walk on the left and ride on the right.
  • On trails, stop before crossing roads.
  • Love your head: wear a helmet!
  • Use hand signals.
  • Warn before passing.
  • At night, use lights and wear bright colors.
  • Share the road. Share the trail.
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