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RUMOR: Is It True That Virginia Beach Has a 24/7 Information Hotline?

FACT: It’s true! Residents can reach out to VB311 over the phone by dialing 311 from any landline or 757-385-3111 on a cell phone or from outside the city limits.

QUESTION: Who is the VB Strong Center For and What Kind of Services Does It Offer?

FACT: The VB Strong Center was established to support anyone impacted by the tragic events of May 31, 2019 - City and School employees, their families, families of the victims, or any member of our community. The Center offers a number of services and programs centered around healing and recovery.

ISSUE: What’s the Deal With the Small-Cell Towers Popping Up Around Town? Is the City Able to Do Anything About Them?

​FACT: The small-cell towers, often called 5G towers, are being installed by wireless telecoms around our city, and the country. Unfortunately, due to legislation passed by the General Assembly, the City has no regulatory authority over them.​

QUESTION: Are Trash Carts the Property of the City or a Homeowner?

FACT: The black trash carts belong to the people who purchased them, not the City. 

ISSUE: The City Gathers a lot of Public Input for the Comprehensive Plan. How Is It Making Sure to Hear From All Segments of the Community?

FACT: The backbone of a Comprehensive Plan is the collective voice of the people.  The City is implementing several methods to make it easier for all residents to be heard so that a Comp Plan is created that addresse​s the community’s shared challenges and goals.

ISSUE: Hotel Prices During Something in the Water Were Higher Than Normal. Surely, the City Can Do Something to Lower the Costs!

FICTION: For the most part, the City has no say over what private businesses charge for goods and services. 

QUESTION: Should Hearing Aid or Button Cell Batteries be Recycled or Thrown in the Trash?

FACT: Button cell batteries, typically found in hearing aids and watches, often contain mercury or lithium and should never be placed in with your household trash or recycling. Instead, they should be taken to a collection center where they can be disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

QUESTION: Can I Dispose of Medical Sharps in My Household Trash, or Is It Necessary to Use a Dropoff Box at a Police Station?

FACT: Medical sharps such as needles, catheters and lancets can be tossed out with your regular garbage, provided they are in a rigid container and clearly labeled as medical sharps. There is no legal requirement to use a dropoff box, however.

QUESTION: Is Economic Development a Separate Entity from the City?

ANSWER: No, Economic Development (ED) is a City department that serves the residents of Virginia Beach, just like Parks & Recreation, Libraries, Public Utilities or any other department of our municipal govern​ment.​

ISSUE: How Do Engineers Know What to Place and Where Along the City’s Stormwater Infrastructure?

​​FACT: Engineers use computer modeling to simulate the impacts of a storm throughout our city to determine how existing infrastructure can handle a storm, and how changes or upgrades will impact specific neighborhoods as well as the overall system.

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